Come Alive

City Academy is a fully accredited school that couples on-campus instruction with home-learning days to create a hybrid model giving families the best of both worlds. Our professional teachers lead our on-campus instruction, and provide guided, engaging lesson plans for home-learning days, creating a dynamic learning partnership.We serve grades K-8.

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Innovative Model

City Academy couples on-campus instruction with home-learning to create a hybrid model that really is the best of both worlds! The combination of qualified teachers (2-3 days a week) and at-home learning with parents makes for a dynamic learning partnership. At-home learning days include lesson plans that serve as a framework which provide clear expectations from your teacher while offering flexibility for parents to creatively implement according to the interests of their child.

home school alternatives
home school alternatives

Give Time Back to Families

Home schooling is not for everyone — we get that! But, what if the traditional school model isn’t for everyone, either? CAA believes there is another way. Our ‘hybrid' model allows for schoolwork to be completed in a reasonable amount of time each day, leaving ample time for extracurricular or family activities. The evenings no longer have to be ruled by homework. Our model helps families find relief from the crazy pace of life, connects you at home, and buys back valuable margin at home to help everyone thrive.

Alive Community

For some people, the first thought they have when they hear the word home learning is ‘I want my kids to have friends and be social!’ We get that. Here’s the thing, though. At CAA, we don’t just want kids to be social! More than that, we want to set them up to come alive and reach their full God-given potential within the context of healthy community — with Jesus at the center of it all. CAA parents have access to excellent teachers and other families in this journey together. We believe (and we’ve experienced firsthand) that home instruction doesn’t have to mean isolation. The combination of teacher-parent partnership, home learning days, and a community of like-minded parents will help your child come alive in ways you’ve always desired.

home school alternatives

We believe in educating the child.
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