What is a “hybrid school”?

Scripture is clear that parents are a child’s first teachers. It is with this belief that City Academy comes alongside parents to support them in their children’s education so that they can remain the primary influence in their child’s life. Our goal is to support, guide and direct but never replace. Our program operates as follows: Students in grade K-5 attend school 2 days per week, and students in middle school attend school 3 days per week. An optional third day of on-campus instruction is offered for grades K-5. City Academy provides parents with thorough and engaging lesson plans for the home-learning days giving freedom to the parents to craft home-days to fit their schedules. Each class is taught by a qualified educator and class sizes are kept small.

What is the relationship between the school and the family?

We trust parents to know their child(ren) best, and parents, in turn, trust the school to lead the way in academics. We believe God has called our families to do life in community therefore partnership is of paramount value to City Academy. Through parent training activities, Parent Council social opportunities and community service projects in our city, there are a variety of ways to build healthy community while creating opportunities to fellowship together.

What curriculum does City Academy use?

As a nontraditional private school, we are able to choose books to meet the specific needs of our students. Our goal is to equip students with the unique skills and habits they will need to do whatever God has called them to do therefore we choose our curriculum accordingly. City Academy provides instruction in Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art. Currently, we use Math in Focus, FOSS Science, Abeka phonics, Mystery of History, and novels and biographies that integrate with history. We also offer a variety of after-school electives and a school library.

Does City Academy provide textbooks?

City Academy provides Math and Science textbooks, as well as most readers and novels in the younger grades. Parents purchase consumable workbooks, and are asked to purchase various novels in middle school as well. Book-related costs range from about $125 in Kindergarten to $250 in middle school, per child per year.

What does a typical day look like?

On in-school days (three days for middle school, two days for grades K-5), the schedule is typical of a traditional school day. The entire school begins their day with a morning devotional time at 8:30am. That time includes worship and prayer. Students are then dismissed to separate classrooms where they spend approximately one hour in each of the four content areas: Reading/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies. Lunch and recess are also included into the normal school day. Afternoon carpool begins at 2:30pm. Electives are offered for one hour after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. In addition, Monday in-school instruction is offered (8:30-12:30pm) as an option for families in lower school.

How do the teachers teach?

At City Academy, we believe students learn best by discovering. Therefore, our teachers cultivate environments wherein students may learn joyfully and creatively. Hands-on projects are used for students to act as experts. Critical and creative thinking opportunities are offered so that students can learn to apply and evaluate information.

Are the teachers at City Academy qualified?

At City Academy, we hire teachers who value discipleship as highly as academics. Our teachers have strong educational backgrounds and proven experience. Our teachers create classroom environments that are rooted in trust and safety, focusing on Growth Mindset and celebrating students as they progress toward learning goals. City Academy teachers hold high expectations for academic performance and help students reach their goals through hands-on/minds-on instruction. In addition, we do thorough background checks on all teachers and substitutes to ensure their character is comparable with their aptitude.

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